This is just to make the chore of cutting back fountain grass a little easier because you won’t have to clean up all the fallen stems. An attractive grass highlighted by fluffy, buff-colored plumes that arch above the lush, green fountain of foliage. Be good to your garden and landscape by installing these grasses and take your garden to the next level as you bring that style and much-needed flavor which will give that WOW. The leaves of cannas contrast nicely with purple fountain grass. The white fountain grass is … There is a Rubrum compact species which only grows one to two feet in height. Red Fountain Grass (Pennisetum setaceum) Red to burgundy leaves and plumes reach heights of six feet with this grass. Those native to the southern region consist of bamboo muhly and Alamo switchgrass. Steps for Cutting Back Fountain Grass. Tall, cascading foliage of brilliant bronze red... starting at ... Love Grass is a small Florida native with attractive blue-green foliage and wispy plumes. Largest plant family in Florida, 447 species in Florida (10% of all species) 185 (41%) of the species are exotic 16 are listed as invasive by FLEPCC Grasses are often confused with other grass-like plants such as sedges and rushes. Small clumping grasses, such as dwarf selections of silver grass or fountain grass (Figure 3), provide an excellent border between plant beds and walkways, while small spreading grasses, such as the grass-like plant dwarf horsetail (Equisetum scirpoides), make an excellent ground cover. The red fountain grass is an amazing plant that I love, out of all ornamental grasses this is my favorite. You can use some grasses for their color, too. In the fall, the foliage turns a lovely golden russet color. Fountain Grass, Red. Muhly grass, pictured at top, has soft pink-purple plumes. Some have a soft, cascading look, while others grow wider leaves on upright stalks. If you’re looking to add a robust splash of color to your Gainesville landscaping, purple fountain grass is … The first step when you trim fountain grass back is to tie up the dead stems. Poaceae (grasses) is the world’s largest plant family, with 700 genera and over 11,000 species. The white fountain grass was the first ornamental grass that I was introduced to many years ago since then I have learned about so many other ornamental grasses which are grown and made available for our use. One of the most dramatic accent plants for borders, pots and garden displays! It is drought tolerant and will even take a frost. You can also achieve a striking composition by striving for a contrast in texture, growth habit, and plant height. Purple fountain grass looks wonderful with contrasting yellow flowers. The larger clumps of grass sprigs can be dug out using a … Once established, it is drought... starting at … This one is a winner. Non-native ornamental grasses suitable for Florida include gold band, dwarf, silver stripe and sun stripe “pampas” grasses, lemon grass, burgundy giant fountain grass, zebra grass, maiden grass, crown grass and several species of Japanese silver grasses. In landscaping Gainesville, FL garden designers often plant muhly grass in large quantities for a stunning visual effect in both home and commercial properties. Creates a terrific contrast when used among shrubs or as a backdrop in a peren Red fountain grass is popular for its burgundy leaves. Striking and unusual, Florida ornamental grasses can be a great texture plant to accent a home landscape. White fountain grass requires active management and seedlings need to be hand pulled. 3. Seeds are dispersed by wind and water into natural areas from cultivated plants. Purple Fountain Grass. The red fountain grass a grass that is worth the investment. Fountain grass has become invasive as it can re-seed and spread out.