Product Information. The variable-speed drum allows for even roasting, and the cooling cycle makes the roasted beans easy to handle. Roasting produces a bit of resin stain on my quartz countertop, which cleans up well with denatured alcohol. This roaster, as the instructions will tell you, is not for doing dark roasts. It's a bit difficult to figure out the Behmor 1600 roaster. 1 Kilo Maximum Capacity; Artisan Roasting Software- Direct Computer interface capable via USB port; Utilizes Behmor patented smoke suppression Technology; Bean Mass Thermocouple for direct temperature readings; 100 Gram Sample Roasting … Our own assessment and preference differs slightly for a number of coffees we have roasted. The Hottop by contrast, allows the user to add 5thirty second Plus Times in total to the preset roast time. Behmor founder Joe Behm is on a quest to bring the roaster and brewers he created back to the farmer. Behmor ® Jake Retro vintage design updated for the modern age. Owners of older models (1600 series) can upgrade to the 2000AB Plus control panel here. The drum's design, which has several paddle sand vee shapes, provides for ample mixing and movement during roasting.Also of significance, coffee is not roasting in a smoky environment soothe roasted beans have a cleaner, brighter taste. Two coffees roasted to City roast level over vastly different lengths of time are going to taste quite different despite their similar appearance. Includes 8 one pound bags of coffee from all over the world. Although, we note that as you gain experience, you may find yourself chafing under its limitations. Once you’ve selected some of your favourite un-roasted coffee beans, you simply add them to the drum, and then properly attach the drum inside the roaster / oven. Or at least that’s the theory. This chaff tray design significantly improves bean visibility,enhances airflow for improved cooling, as well as collecting chaff better than its predecessor. In late December 2012 the third generation of grid was introduced. We strongly recommend that you restrict yourself to 1/4 pound roasts until you have gained real proficiency with the roaster before moving on to larger roasts. In practice, most users who are serious about getting consistently good roasting results wind up taking a pass on the presets and opt to control the entire process manually. Jake is the name of the new 1kg capacity roaster FEATURES 2000 watts heating 360 watts cooling Our recommendation is that you turn on your stove fan and/or open a window to help even more. These profiles provide brightness plus body. But novice roasters will find a lot to like about the Behmor 1600. Custom settings let you specify whether you want an Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano, or just a regular cup of coffee As the coffee reaches (B temp) 290+, I would use (P4) on and off, depending on how fast the coffee was rising. Although, no coffee roaster can completely eliminate smoke. It has a choice of five profile programs. The tray has a series of vanes or louvers that open when in the "in use" position, meaning when inside the roaster. It has been modified and upgraded in refining the base model over More 1600 plus, and so I made a bit of a refresher course for … You’ll love its relatively high capacity, ease of use, and consistent results. One final potential negative to be aware of is the fact that this machine uses electricity, rather than gas. In general, you don’t have to worry about roasting too fast on the Behmor coffee roaster and are much more likely to find yourself working to speed things up. A 2-inch paintbrush, provided, is the "broom". The price point puts it in reach of most consumers, filling a gap between the smaller roasters that sell for less than $300 and larger Genecafe and Hottop roasters that sell for hundreds more. Price. The Behmor 2000AB Plus is an easy to use unit and our top choice for balancing roast quality with affordability. The handle on the outside opens and closes the vanes. The world���s first and only full 1-pound capacity home coffee roaster features patent-pending smoke suppression technology that roasts beans efficiently with no visible smoke making it safe in the kitchen. Canada use SHIPBEHMC. There are no outward appearance differences between the Behmor AB and Behmor 2000AB. These machines offer great control over the time, temperature and roasting profiles.