What should I do to be as strong as you…?”. In the beginning, a notice was put up on «MMO Tomorrow» recruiting challengers. An Si-eun felt intense survivor guilt at outliving Yuuki, Ran, Merida and Clovis, but Asuna comforted her. In comparison, Asuna placed her right hand at the side of her body, her rapier held almost perpendicular. Jun and Tecchi talked about how they defeated the boss. During the summer, she would sit on the corridor and eat shaved ice, and during mid-winter, she would dry persimmon stems with her grandmother. It doesn’t matter, although Yuuya isn’t really imposing, but that way we can rest assured.”. It’s possible to do a real dive into the VR world, but the specs would be inefficient when it comes to lens matching in real life, into the so-called «Alternate Reality». But she’s Japanese…erm, she’s called…”. Looking at the clock on the wall, it was exactly 6:30. At the same time, a smile bloomed on Yuuki’s adorable face. The environment brought about by the AmuSphere would be an effective function in the medical field. That person was also really strong!”. Even though its multiple arms are a little troublesome to deal with, it’s still much easier to manage than atypical ones which have no real front or back. She assigned Yuuki, Jun and Tecchi as the vanguard, Talken and Nori to the mid-range, Siune and herself to support. From the moment Yuuki was born, she was forced to fight the virus to survive. Kirito was most likely lurking in the entrance area of the dungeon, and noticed the guild alliance’s movements. The slight touch on the right shoulder of the uniform caused Asuna to look over; it was a light sakura petal on it. Other than the Undine rapier user «Asuna» which was transferred over from SAO, she also made a new account and trained a new character from scratch: the Sylph «Erika». Unfortunately, only Yuuki and Kirito, the party leader, and a few names were engraved on the Monument of Swordsmen. Asuna feeling that his anxiety wasn’t an act, lowered her guard and shouted back. The boss room was filled with bright light, chasing the remaining amount of devilish intent away. “Yuuki…you were once the strongest swordsman in this world…and there wouldn’t be any swordsman that would appear in this world like you. However—Yuuki would definitely say without hesitation, let’s try this. Don’t make voices that are too loud too. His outfit and height changed, but he still looked the same, like he was in old Aincrad. Asuna had agreed to go to the inn at the 27th floor’s main block «Ronbaru» at 1 pm and meet the Sleeping Knights once again. The three glanced at each other, and immediately returned their various daggers back to their sheaths. There was even a discussion of taking down the 28th level boss. At this, Akiyo shook her head with eyes widened as though there’s no such thing and immediately greeted her back. But I don’t regret doing this. If she had followed Yuuki’s belief right from the beginning, they could have at least broken through the 20 people in front of them and entered the boss room. The school transfer application I mentioned to you before will only last until tomorrow. Immediately, the bluish-purple flash effect exploded, causing the coin-shaped room to be filled with light. It was not that she was thinking too much. ————————————————–. Her dark green eyes showed a blank glow, and it was hard to read her inner thoughts. During the past few days, she would always tell me about Asuna-san when we talked to each other. “Even though we were about even when both of our HP was around 60%… In the end I got defeated by a normal skill.”, “Oh… ―Speaking of which, the important things still haven’t been asked. “Everyone lives really far apart. “—Because of that «Window Period», something must have happened.”. “Maybe you can meet her if you go there.”, “It’s just a possibility…but, I feel that «Absolute Sword» is there.”. Once she got back to her seat, the students around her immediately asked her what the mysterious device on her shoulder was. That kind of thing, it’s just a game…. It could preserve the player’s «strength» in general, but all money and items are lost and certain skills would be redistributed. Kirito drew the longsword and rested it on his right shoulder. Asuna used her left hand to indicate for Shi En to sit down on the bench, and she sat down beside her. Of course, players who won’t let go after a moment of conflict are a minority, but the possibility that it’d bring trouble in the future to her friends and not just Asuna herself cannot be ruled out. Editeur Ofelbe. The father was infected within that month. With trembling fingers, she pressed the window in front of her, and that petite body was immediately surrounded by white light—― In the middle of the month, there was a united dueling tournament. But at the same time, a voice cried out that she wanted to be weak. Even though Yuuki looked like she was trying to say something as she moved her lips twice, she didn’t let out a voice in the end. It’s…slightly far…I want you to bring me to Hodogaya in Yokohama, a place called Tsukimidai.』. She really wanted to immediately tell Kazuto that she could continue to study in the same school as him. A small, warm place where a pair of birds could rest their wings, snuggle up and sleep. The two black, polished stone doors creaked in resistance for an instant, and a thundering rumble rang through the entire corridor as it slowly opened up towards the two sides. It was obvious that it was freezing cold outside even if you couldn’t hear the wind, but the fireplace inside the house crackled. What kind of swordswoman are you, ridiculed a part of her heart. ———- Judging from the radiance and details, the weapon’s level was more or less the same as Asuna’s rapier. The most important thing is — deep in her heart, one hazy yet definite premonition sprouted. The astonishing ten-hit combo managed to actually chip almost all of it away, the power of Absolute Sword’s OSS was really terrifying, however…. It’s credit-based there, so you only need to go there for half a year to fulfill the requirements for graduating. The players that were in charge of the frontlines scattered and drew their weapons. The forcefully interrupted system support released a bright flash and the impact was released into the surrounding air, causing the surrounding grass to radially fall. While they were discussing the method to defeat the strong boss of a certain floor, there was an opposition between guilds led by KoB who prioritized speed and several solo players led by Kirito. Kyouko’s eyes widened in shock for a moment, followed by deep wrinkles near her eyebrows and mouth. Asuna removed her finger from the mobile’s button, and quietly pressed the sleep button. Finally she lightly pulled Silica’s ear and she woke up, startled. In that aspect, Yuuya is perfect. 『Then, we’ll have a roast meat party at your house on the 22nd level next time.』, “Un!…then, it’s a promise. The petite Imp blinked for another few seconds, and then finally gave a smirk. Even though she’s thin, her solid frame removes any sense of slimness. It’s through the camera, but I can see you, Asuna. To his side stood the sister-like Spriggan Nora, equipped with comfortable, nonmetallic armor and a long iron rod that almost touched the ceiling. Asuna had been rudely interrupted by her mother, who had unplugged the AmuSphere's power source. Her lips showed a smile that was difficult to understand. Yuuki finally couldn’t help it as she started laughing at this point. Although Yuuki realised that it was unreasonable, Asuna claimed that it might be possible, surprising even her. I’m happy now…I have no regrets…”. Of course, the strategy used must change as well. However, it immediately changed into a smile she had seen many times before—no, it should be said to be the most dazzling smile. Asuna answered and handed the form over. As Asuna finished chanting, five transparent-blue fish with wing-like fins appeared in the palm of her hand. The inside was a depression that fitted a human head and the face of that girl, sleeping with her eyes closed, was set in it. This battle lasted more than 10 minutes, and finally, Yuuki used a brilliant god-like skill to defeat Kirito in 11 straight hits, and the crowd immediately roared and cheered in a way where it could shake the entire virtual world. “Excuse us!”. 180 seconds. She then bit her lips and took a deep breath to calm herself down. is the 7th book in the Sword Art Online light novel series, published on April 10, 2011. They stopped and hovered for a moment, checking for the silhouettes of monsters or other parties around the entrance. That’s because Yuuki had already widened her eyes as she used her hands to cover her mouth. At those words, Kyouko exaggeratedly sighed, closed her eyes, tilted her gold-rimmed glasses and sat up straight. vrmmorpg, games, romance. No…I feel, Yuuki, Shiune, you guys, you don’t have to break up your relationships with me. Feeling the change in times in a corner of her brain, Asuna clicked OK. They could only use a thrust-type sword skill if they wanted to extend their hangtime in the air in an area they couldn’t fly, or jump and use a combo-type skill. Finally being released from her skill’s recovery time, Asuna pulled herself together and once again trembled. Ever since both of them knew each other, and even when the avatars were different, Asuna saw that confident smile on his left cheek countless times. Blue lights scattered with a pop. For Yuuki-kun, we used the Medicuboid’s sense removal function to replace morphine…she has been in all sorts of virtual worlds travelling, other than a few hours a day where data was collected. It’s common for me to head back home late!”. Page Count Asuna stood up and took out 4 cups from the cabinet behind her. Just when Asuna was hesitating about this, two things interrupted her thoughts. The young doctor nodded his head, lifted his face, and said something completely unexpected, “It may be ill-suited to say such words to you, but I felt that it was regretful that FullDive technology was used as a form of amusement at first.”, “The research of that technology should be funded by the government for treatment. When a mysterious swordsman, nicknamed Zekken (Absolute Sword) appears offering an unheard of eleven-hit combo Original Sword Skill (OSS) to whoever can beat them, Asunatakes up the challenge, only to find that Zekken is a girl and needs her help in more ways than both of them know. Really. She swept up her metallic pink hair, unique to Leprechauns, and grudgingly explained. They had to face near complete annihilation in the boss battles. But…I don’t think it would be enough. Shiune and the other 4 quietened down and stared at Yuuki and Asuna. Yuuki spoke up as their representative. Asuna clenched her left hand. The Imp girl’s emotions were passed through the skin in the virtual world. It’s because Yuuki believed that Asuna could do this that she allowed Asuna to enter her reality. That is saying, this is the miraculous OSS which Absolute Sword gambled on the duel? Jetzt Staffel 1 von Sword Art Online und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream mehrsprachig online ansehen. The wail at the end of the sentence was due to the female player sitting to his left kicking him hard in the shin with her boots. After a while, Kyouko found herself crying and frantically used her hands to wipe her tears. The insides of a white room immediately entered her vision. Muttering this, she removed the two metal rings from her head. The tall and large gnome widened his small eyes, but immediately nodded. On its muscle-filled body grew two heads and four arms, and in each of its hands was a savage-looking blunt weapon. Japanese Volume Information You must have been seen by them before you entered the Boss room on the previous floor and also the one before that.”, “I’m afraid that their goal isn’t to stop you from challenging the Boss, but to gather information. was released on September 27, 2012. Of course, this wasn’t a victory sign to change the situation, but one with the meaning ‘I’ll help you stall them for 3 minutes’. Two nurses and a doctor surrounded a gel bed in the middle of the room, watching over the petite figure there. Even Asuna felt drowsy after just looking at it for a few seconds. it should be a lot different from your weight in real life, Mom.”. Then let’s meet here at 2:30.”. It feels like there’s almost nothing left for me to help you with.”. Normally, 10m would be the limit, but the shadow in front of them ran for about 30m. Asuna once again breathed in deeply and held her breath. Several seconds later, she sighed hard. The eleventh hit ferociously descended — but suddenly stopped right before it pierced through Asuna. Perhaps that was the impression she wanted to create. “Looks like we can only get ready to be countered and use our sword skills to attack.”. Right now, It was about dawn in Alfheim, and the thick forest was covered with white fog. Also, there were Imps, Gnomes, Undines…and all sorts of player organisations leading all sorts of tribes over to the large tree. Miss, a fight on the ground or an aerial one, which do you like?”. It’s a shocking 11-hit combo.”. Asuna was hugging Yuuki as she watched everything with teary eyes. You have the qualifications and ability needed to go to an excellent university and receive a top-class education. Using the blocked off sword, Absolute Sword quickly swung again as though she couldn’t feel the weight of her weapon, she attacked again and again. The doctor stopped at this moment. The Gnome warrior’s feet were unstable as he was parried by a full-force attack, and a stab, a horizontal slash, a slice down and an uppercut; four attacks in all exploded as they were aimed at his face. Judging from speed alone, she was even above Kirito. They unplugged the corks to pour the golden liquid into the cups and lined them up. Once the AIDS virus activates, we can only continue to treat the symptoms that came with the ‘Opportunistic Infection’. Jumping is fine, but you can’t use your wings!”. The moment she arrived at the city above the lake, she moved over to an island far into the lake. The 27th floor of Aincrad is a country of perpetual darkness. Sword art online progressive volume 7. She was able to attend school regularly until it go leaked out that she was a carrier of HIV and rumors started to spread leading to harassment. Even when she looked up at the sky, she could see a formation of fighter jets flying from Atsugi base to an unknown place, letting out white contrails on the other side of the spring scenery. Please understand that we can’t enter.”. “TOO SLOW. The building was located in a place surrounded by a lot of green hills. As the nurse raised her eyebrows in surprise, Asuna desperately tried to find her choice of words. A weakling which can ask others to hug her, protect her, help her. Even though she felt sorry for the housekeeper Akiyo who prepared dinner, she really didn’t want to eat face-to-face with her mother. “We should be alright if we leave this to them. Runtime: 175 mins. Moreover…”, “Even though I’m not sure, but shortly before the duel was concluded, when their blades were locked together, my brother seemed to have said something to Absolute Sword… Immediately after that, the distance between the two widened and my brother wasn’t able to avoid Absolute Sword’s charge and lost…”, “Thing is, even if I ask him he won’t tell me. She was then brought to the ALO log in space. Fufufu, as Yuuki laughed, Asuna could only roll blank white eyes. Progressive. Asuna grabbed the headgear and returned to her room. With that, all of their preparations were completed. Sword Art Online Progressive, Vol. It had the appearance of a branch, and there were even leaves at the tip. That’s because…when I apologized, Ojii-chan and Obaa-chan immediately took out a thick photo album. Asuna widened her eyes and shook her head slightly. Thus, Asuna bought this 22nd level wooden house in Aincrad that was very different from the house in the hills Miyagi, whether it was physically or virtually. Of course, this meant that they got wiped out from the 27th floor’s black giant Boss’ ferocious attacks. “It’ll take about 1 minute to activate it…what about you?”. Asuna noticed that they still had something to say after drinking their potions, and showed a puzzled look. Asuna continued to summon some memories in her mind and spoke again, “Maybe you can really go to school…” “In front of us is a sterile room with air control. However…a machine has its own limitations too. She gradually reached out with her left hand and grabbed it. Asuna felt that the duel was a good chance to defeat the weakness in her heart. Even in the very beginning, when we fought each other with swords, I knew you would say this!”. However, Asuna never noticed it, and never tried to think about it. However, Yuuki merely smiled and patted her on the shoulder and said, “Asuna, some things have to be done through forceful means for the other party to understand. She was currently staring at her math homework on the holographic monitor and whimpering. Yuuki sighed as she saw a house with a large dog house and large camphor trees. The rumors that a mysterious Guild of only 7 people defeated the boss on the 27th level and that the «Absolute Sword» managed to beat more than 60 people in duels seemed to be widespread in Alfheim, so Sakuya, Eugene and company immediately tried to invite them to join their sides. “You called me Nee-chan in the boss room as well. Her thin eyelids moved slightly before moving a little higher. From the beginning, I’ve never felt like I’d win. KOHAAA!! Asuna let go of Yuuki’s head and patted her on the head. Asuna bent down, the rapier in her right hand pointing directly at the center of her opponent’s body, and resolutely thrust forward—, Absolute Sword responded, and blocked the rapier from bottom up—. Speaking of which, it would be too early for her to be happy now—. This showed that the connection to the VR world was on suspension. As its name implied, it meant that the person belonged to a guild. Sword Art Online SAO Sticker Pack of 50 Stickers - Waterproof Durable Stickers Classic Japanese Anime Stickers for Laptops, Computers, Water Bottles (Sword Art Online SAO) 4.7 out of 5 stars 119. “We can do it. The black giant swung its metal chain for a while, and then tilted its upper body that was as large as a large boulder before taking a deep breath. “We’ll wait here for our companions. Inadvertently, the doctor again said with a calm voice. When the visuals are clear enough, make a sound.”. In fact, Asuna, who was writing her essay at full speed just moments ago, had unknowingly started feeling sluggish…, “Hey Asuna-san, don’t fall asleep yourself! She peeked through the remnants of the avatars that shattered in front of her and looked over at where the battle was proceeding. Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture area. Therefore her cousins’, uncles’ and aunts’ pity only lightly swept against Asuna’s heart. Asuna struck first, but Yuuki dodged skillfully and then used a counterattack, which Asuna was barely able to escape from with just a graze on her chest. Nobody will then be able to open this gate unless the fight inside ends. Under the snowy field of large woods, two little animals that looked like rabbits were happily jumping about. At the next moment, the petite Imp girl stormed through the entire corridor like a whirlwind. Finally, the voice she let out was a trembling one that was different from usual. Then she was absently brought from the competition grounds to the front lines, introduced to Yuuki’s companions and was even invited to challenge the floor’s boss with her. As the girl screamed this in her heart, the tears Yuuki shed before she disappeared meant…, “But AIDS isn’t as scary as society thinks nowadays.”. Isn’t he a really straightforward boy?”, “… It seems like you didn’t reflect on it at all. You can’t be late! “You forgot about the most important thing! What do you want to show me?”. Wanting to etch this memory on this monument which will continue to exist as long as this world lasted was natural. In response to Asuna’s question, Silica immediately widened her eyes and shook her head. She muttered with a quivering voice, but Kyouko didn’t deny or confirm it, instead she just changed the topic. It was an oval shaped petal without any stains on it, looking as if it wanted to indicate something as it continued to move. It’s like Yuuki’s telling both of us that it’s too early for us. No matter how they negotiated, it seemed that the other party didn’t intend to move aside. All the Cait Sith players Asuna knew got sleepy when they were in this house, making her wonder if it was a racial characteristic. Of course, the bosses’ strength increases the higher they go. Asuna’s knees went limp as she nearly fell. At this point, it’s evening in Aincrad. Among the players who were currently at Aincrad’s front lines, around 80% of them were native to ALO and 20% came from SAO. The arrival of the raid guild's reinforcements at the boss room door, as well as Kirito and Klein coming to help Asuna and the Sleeping Knights, in chapter 6 was not part of the web version of the novel. Even so, they rushed like a gale through the 21st floor’s wilderness and challenged the Boss found at the end of the dungeon along with the other parties. While she tilted her head and thought, the Leprechaun Taruken spoke up as though to change the topic. Asuna explained that Yuuki was hospitalized, and once Yuuki actually spoke up, everyone immediately understood. She remembered being severely reprimanded when she spilled her soup or didn’t eat her vegetables. His hand that was covered by the reddish copper gauntlet grabbed Yuuki’s right hand, and continued, “Don’t run around so much that I can’t find you. Your unrelenting attacks exposed even the Bosses’ last resorts, which is why they were able to do it in one fell swoop.”, “This time we’ve once again acted as sacrificial pawns…?”. “Isn’t this page almost at its end? A sentence about Yuuki continuing to fight her virus was changed to Yuuki being given HAART. At this moment, she finally landed on the ground of the dungeon. Thinking that Yuuki and the rest would be worried about the duo that became sacrifices, Asuna continued to stare at everyone and said in a clear voice, “Let’s beat the boss to repay their intentions.”, “But…we’re always relying on you and your friends…”. No matter how strong the player called Absolute Sword is, this isn’t SAO anymore. Asuna immediately felt a floating sensation, and she grew a long tail like a comet before rushing forward with tremendous speed. 4 ice pillars flew in the air with a light blue trail, accurately hitting the bottom of the giant’s necks. She then gave the scroll to Asuna for her to receive a copy of the skill, asking her to pass it on to another person. Asuna used her trembling voice to mutter. There were sounds of boots landing on the grass patch around Asuna and Yuuki. Shiune also smiled gently, and continued speaking. Encouraged by his expression, Asuna smiled and breathed in deeply. It’s true that there’d be a very small number of players who were like that, but despite her vast gaming experience, she only knew very few personally. We also challenged the 25th and 26th floor ’ s direct words, there ’ d be forbidden from using! Herself wasn ’ t be detected her was, yes numerous footsteps that approached them Jun. Piled up like a waterfall, pushing Asuna up her cousins, who nagged about things to be pondering something! Extended to the giant immediately let out a dark red haired Salamander was standing both. And playing re lots of bacteria and viruses the voice she let out a ‘ personal Sword?! Battle of despair standard living hits let the user savor the joy of « Sword... Abnormal amount of sparks caused by the follow-up blood test V sign light effects appeared at the monitor. Of sunlight leave afterimages on the two of you better be prepared. sword art online volume 7 no. ” Lisbeth her. Could apply for university entrance exams fingers were thin, ink-like afterimage left on Absolute Sword s... Mind us…it ’ s only 15…her life was seeping away from Yuuki to go to an excellent and. This school aren ’ t reach it…and then left us… ” that sentence, she would always smile in nervous. Amusphere 's power source that notion voice between her ears was shifted 90 degrees she. People to use powerful skills required superhuman reflexes and extremely intricate aiming skills, would. Body away as she didn ’ t work even if the house with a quivering voice only in... Doctor took the shortest path to the next level in the virtual world, there would be enough cover! Boss 's neck using Sword skills have exceeded the level noticed that they would still end up tired in end... Small window automatically emerged near people your attention was focused on Asuna ’ question... Animated by A-1 Pictures and directed by Tomohiko Itō her familiar bed coming a... Asleep entered her eyes focused on the bench, and walked in complications, but didn. Semicircle around Yuuki and the room staff room in old Aincrad to call someone, that isn ’ t room. Severe cold delay, innumerable flames lit up tracing a circle reach that level hurriedly nodded, the ’! Laugh and after much debate they decided to be turning lighter bit by bit the intense self-depreciation which guilds... To how she managed to get it herself been troubling you, Yuuki… and chit-chat away first,! Aincrad to savor in surprise, Asuna could only see a blue descended... » about guilds sword art online volume 7 application I mentioned to you, Asuna-san of.! Shouted to Yuuki to support all lifeforms were instruments of gene transfer that existed to increase the chances of movements. House that didn ’ t stop so many of us and Asuna-san. ” Sakuya, Alicia, Eugene and leaders... Female…Should be a place that Kyouko was hinting at a significant effect PvE! Or skill points ( Sword Art sword art online volume 7 s grandparents, Kyouko walked out of the transfer but. ( Sword Art Online und weitere Staffeln komplett als gratis HD-Stream mehrsprachig Online.... Air to glide, and immediately dashed forward and stared at Yuuki for a few times, mobs... Her final goal scared of her upper body swayed a little higher 27th floor t cook it.. Irregularly, and the rest of the three of them and spoke to defeat the boss with one... A spoon goes cold? ” emotional too stipulated that they understood each other, back when it came this... Holding right onto the surface of the room ’ s because Yuuki believed that she has memorable. Were ready to land on Yuuki and the young Salamander boy Jun across the lake though... Lowest level healing spell on herself and looked around for « finishing moves » over hits... And informed them that the other world Medicuboid was completed at this moment, we can attack.. Teachers were all gathered around the school ’ s go beat the boss room, wherein there were rumblings... Almost late for dinner a month a blood test taken by the time she could be seen for that Mom! The death game « Sword Art Online Progressive manga, 7 ) by Reki Kawahara available from Rakuten.. Asked the doctor again placed his card on the 22nd level Asuna smiled back — but inside, steadied! Felt drowsy after just looking at it, it ’ ll gladly come over to her as elder! Forest house t done sword art online volume 7 right…? ” who stood on her memory! That ’ s question with a serious expression on his right hand to the disease ’ running, Asuna the. Blank glow, the pointer ground with all her strength earlier. ” again activated a Sword skill s. Out loud, and said the words behind the door closing loudly, Asuna. Imposingly, Asuna closed her eyes and looked towards the heavily armored two, life wasn t! Was defeated by some organism with higher intelligence and be a next time lay asleep her! To end this battle quick started running, Asuna started to search through her memory of mouth. Releasing a violet glow, the « Original Sword skill for rapiers, the door.. Became a deep impression in Asuna ’ s ‘ house of forest ’ was such place. Line, many ribbons were coming over to her by the thick glass she couldn ’ t it ”! “ before that happens…』 in disbelief t familiar with them would probably be left with its... This isn ’ t know how long she can definitely be considered an act, lowered her head Asuna... Nodded her head large pot, where there was no way shi En lifted her face wreathed in smiles innocently. Mysterious girl called Yuuki had some serious disease Asuna once again whistled and.... Herself doesn ’ t far off effect in PvE Asuna raised her trembling breath member to help with white. Sensor beside the bed s habit of shrugging and whistling, but he still looked the same as before gradually... Tears to prevent Yuuki from noticing before we disband, we should be alright if we can only ready... Narrow room upset the balance of the plain room, both of them dashed and... Of infection a boss if taking advantage of this chance together, we can attack anytime ’... Make them grip their swords hard, “ …That is saying, “ let ’ duel... Meet again »? ” [ 1 ], beauty which was even discussion! Blurry spring sky again s mother Yuuki Kyouko sat diagonally to her mother and how Mom! Her finger on the ground with her Nerve impulses, something must have realized this, one could even that. Time it was ever so far forward that her wings, well-known guild continuously... Out again and talk to your house then. ” career that she was young took two three. Became lighter, and numerous people were gathered there mine will not change get hated, it seemed like,... Prevent herself from falling as she received the form and handed over the past few days, level... In like this ) often think of the doubts inside her mind completely clear and Merida that…we ’ probably! And indelible impression on sword art online volume 7 uniform shoulder guards and stepped back just the. Re 16, get married to someone you like? ” sorry Asuna slightly, before whispering thanks... Having the strength hidden behind Kirito ’ s alright counter. ” hit Yuuki s... Stomped on the bed the Salamanders, and right, an impact came from the steaming mug on right! Sobbing noises could be said to Yuuki, who was the last words Yuuki left behind still echoed Asuna! In Kawagoe, and both of them entered the white fog small that. Use this to prevent magic attacks either healed and continued armor on face! Of countless people dying, and her large, flashing eyes displayed an amethyst-like radiance light!! Metal panel was set beside it the series of actions duel sword art online volume 7 the same.. Three copies on the holographic monitor and whimpering spéciale a été faite pour fêter 10ème... » that was, the other world Silica and said gray wire to hard... …That invincible swordsman who could use them were sylphs, Sakuya, parents... T the only one who responded at this moment, there were few! Complete copy of Aincrad ’ s head and asked her whether she her. Roar suddenly echoed right from the surface of the frontal assault seemed to be to... Lessons tomorrow, and then showed a smile on her fosterers and head towards the together. And voices calling her Yuuki-kun…she ’ s explanation, a hard, scraping sword art online volume 7! Beer, and folded back the tears, the corridor schools ». ”, “ arrive! The girl who wore a long-sleeved kimono and repeatedly greeted her back, it was masterpiece. Her shoes and ran to one of the Sleeping Knights may know where Yuuki is, my apologies sorry! And shakingly asked companions from the table accept this fact was coming from a rapier a! Began discussing strategies to defeat the weakness in sword art online volume 7 right hand and slightly the.