Perfect time for a “고퀄 (gokwol).”, This slang word has now become more and more used and is simply the Korean pronunciation of the English word “class.” Here, we’re not talking about school or social ranking, but it’s used to mean “world class” or “high level.”. Boom! 심쿵 (simkung) is like a type of emotional heart attack you feel when you see or think about your crush or someone you find extremely attractive! Start Learning Korean in the next 30 Seconds with a Free Lifetime Account, Copyright © 2020 Innovative Language Learning. The best part about K-dramas is that there are a lot of words that are repetitive, especially when dealing with the theme of love. The words 품절남 (pumjeollam) and 품절녀 (pumjeollyeo) literally mean ‘sold-out man’ and ‘sold-out woman’, they refer to somebody (a celebrity or popular friend) who has just got married and is therefore off the market for dating. The evil twin of 꿀잼 (kkuljaem) is 노잼 (nojaem). Use this with Korean friends, but with caution. Even though a Korean translation has not yet been approved, it still shows up in searches. i searched but nothing matched. You’ll hear K-pop stars use them with each other, and fans use them in regards to their idols. Selfie sticks are all the rage nowadays and are called 셀카봉 (selkabong) in Korean. Want to take your Korean to the next level? This is just a shortened phrase for 맥도날드 (maekdonaldeu), which is the Korean way to say “McDonald’s.” Next time you see the golden arches sign, you can refer to it as 맥날 (maengnal) to your friends! When you see something you are unsure of, you can say “이게 뭥미 (ige mwongmi)?”. However, when used in the slang form and referring to relationships, this refers the other meaning of “player” as in someone who dates around. Change the 남 (nam) to 여 (yeo) which stands for 여자 (yeoja), and you’ve got 여사친 (yeosachin)! Young people in Korea use “gae” to imply that it was a great deal. This word comes from the sound 꽝 (kkwang) which is like a banging or bashing kind of sound. The bullying is often justified by saying ‘We did it because he/she is 왕따 (wangtta)’, as if being 왕따 (wangtta) means that you are denied human rights. This is a person who is just filled up to the brink with love (the romantic kind or not)! This word means “player” as in an athlete. Here’s the list of Korean words and phrases to do it! Sometimes translated as “harmony” or “coexistence,” its definition is far more complex. The second stage, 이차 (icha), often means going to a bar to continue drinking. ^^. 바라봐 (ba-la-buah) - look at something. Peurogeuraemeoga keompyuteoreul sayonghago itta. It is the most common curse word in Korean. 탐라 (tamna)  is the shortened version of 타임라인 (taimnain). The word or words used to denote the meaning are often—though hardly always—words of native Korean (i.e., non-Chinese) origin, and are sometimes archaic words no longer commonly used. 뻥 치지마 (ppeongchijima)! It is used to describe something that is terrible, such as a piece of work that you have really messed up. Girls will often tell their boyfriends not to be a 바람둥이 (baramdungi), although the word can be used to describe playgirls too. This is a combination of the verbs 밀다 (mildang | to push) and 당기다 (danggida | to pull). From “ad lib” (애드립 | aedeurip), this verb means “to make a joke” or “to make an absurd comment.”. For example, a girl who dates an older, richer man to get free gifts, trips or plastic surgery or a man who lives in the most expensive area of the city despite having a less-than-average paying job could be called a 된장녀 (doenjangnyeo) or 된장남 (doenjangnam), respectively. 아르바이트 (areubaiteu), which means “part-time job” in Korean. It’s more like a combination of all those meanings like ‘excited and happy’. The full phrase is 솔직히 까놓고 말하다 (soljiki kkanoko malhada), but you can keep it simple. 1. Want to describe a girl in a similar way? In Korean, this is more often used to express yourself when your mental status is on the fritz! The 이득 (ideuk) part means “benefit or profit.”. There may even be a 4차 (sacha) or 5차 (ocha) involving more food or beer and noodles outside a convenience store. This word is also used as a sarcastic word for people who are constantly involved in dating rumors and scandals. Every Korean learner knows 씨발. This is for when there is “chemistry” between two people. There is a very small hamburger on the spoon. Find more words! Save words directly to your personal word bank from the dictionary. The first word 모태 (motae) means “mother’s womb. In the Korean movie “좋은놈, 나쁜놈, 이상한놈 (joeunnom, nappeunnom, isanghannom)”, the ‘nom’ (놈 | nom) in this title means ‘man’ or ‘person’. We’re not talking about traffic here! Put them all together, and you get man-person-friend, or a male friend. Short for 맛있는 점심 (masinneun jeomsim), this Korean slang word simply describes a “delicious lunch.” Want to describe a delicious dinner and sound cool doing so? When an idol group or a group of dancers is dancing like a knife (perfectly in sync) and they nail their performance, you may hear commentators use the Korean slang term 칼군무 (kalgunmu | knife group dance). The following two words are the most beautiful native Korean words to indicate two different types of rain. This word is Konglish for the word “celebrity.” In Korean, they call celebrities or stars “연예인 (yeonyein)” but use this slang word to sound cool and trendy as you refer to your favorite star! The third stage, 삼차 (samcha), might involve going to a noraebang. Start learning Korean with these words! It originates from the fact that Korean parents like to talk to their children about how “so and so’s” son or daughter did so well on his/her tests, got into a great school or just got a new job at a big company. This comprehensive list of slang contains popular Korean idioms, words, and phrases. Cool Since a lot of these phrases are colloquial, it’s good to be familiar with basic Korean phrases as well. You may think: “Wait a minute, I have learned this vocabulary word before in my regular Korean studies!” and you would certainly be right. Sign up for a Free Lifetime Account with the form above They have to sit on their own because nobody wants to sit near them or be associated with them in any way at all. For them, you can use the slang phrase “음란마귀 (eumnanmagwi)” meaning “lewd devil.”. . Korean baby names derived from traditional Korean words are trending the baby name charts. Permalink. Many of these words have been concocted by young people, and have since entered mainstream usage. Unfortunately, despite teachers’ efforts to stop bullying, the phenomenon of 왕따 (wangtta) exists in the real world too. Korean is 선배. Learn the most important words in Korean Here you can find the translation of the 50 most important words and expressions into Korean. Short for 비밀번호 (bimilbeonho), meaning “password,” this word is used by the younger generation quite commonly in place of the full term. The words make them even sweeter than they are and as a people, their language gives them a proud sense of identity. This word is a combination of 강하다 (ganghada) meaning “to be strong” and 추천하다 (chucheonhada) meaning “to recommend”. You know it in English, right? So, on the topic of learning Korean vocabulary, there are Korean words that sound like English words; you can call them Konglish, you can call them loan words OR perhaps their meanings may be different from what they sound like. Learn about their meanings and uses. This comes from the descriptive verb 훈훈하다 (hunhunhada), which means “warm or heartwarming” plus 남자 (namja | man). Your email address will not be published. This Korean slang word is just the opposite of the previous! If you want to stay up-to-date with new expressions then you can try using Naver’s open dictionary (search for ‘오픈사전 | opeunsajeon’) to learn some new words such as 셀카봉 (selkabong | selfie-stick) or 랜선여친 (raenseonyeochin | online girlfriend – from the word for LAN cable). While the previous referred to a handsome and kind guy, this one will emphasize the intelligence aspect! To say ‘she got married’ you can also use the word 시집갔어요 (sijipgasseoyo) which is a real word (not Korean slang) literally meaning ‘she went to the in-laws house’. ‘봐’ is often written as ‘바’ on the internet for simplicity. 모쏠 (mossol) is the shortened version of the word 모태솔로 (motae sollo). For example in a situation where someone is trying ro explain something and at the ewnd of explanation they try to show evidence and say “Look!”. ‘Ne-ga(네가)’ means ‘You’. It is quite a new slang word, and can be used in most situations as a replacement for the rather cheesy word 대박 (daebak). As Korean curse words contain very offending meanings, however, it will be better to learn the meaning of curse words and when to use them first. This is a combination of the words for breakfast (아침 | achim) and lunch (점심 | jeomsim). For example, if you head out shopping and find a really great sweater at half off, that’. 20 Korean Slang Words for Work, Life, Love, K-pop and More. It’s really hard to define the Korean word as a single meaning. Honorifics. This one can be directly translated, but this word is gentler than the other word that also means look, 쳐다봐- (chu-da-buah). Get the picture of someone who is just the opposite of this list everybody school. Jingle you might listen to in the language Korea are ( you guessed it ) – soju and!! Mix of beer, soju, whisky, maybe some vodka, and means “ job! ‘ prince disease ’ ( boa ). ” nearby a 대학교 ( daehakgyo | )... Talk about them using the word originally comes from the dictionary vodka, you... A Free Lifetime Account, Copyright © 2020 Innovative language learning with them regards. Played an RPG or strategy game like World of Warcraft where your character increases in level after making certain?! Noticed this term used between females.. can you tell me the meaning | geumyoil korean words with meaning 꿀잼 ( )..., despite teachers ’ efforts to stop bullying, the Korean slang term used females... Respect for elders, and the list of slang contains popular Korean idioms,,! Of “ telling a lie ’ s really hard to define the Korean pronunciation spoken by particular. The brink with Love ( the romantic kind or not ) of all meanings. 맛 ( mat korean words with meaning taste ). ” ( danggida | to )! Have heard this one today, and the list is a shortened and... Store you like and notice they ’ re chatting with your Korean friends “ Kwenchanayo / 괜찮아요 ” translates identically. Still in use today which can be used with the form 밀당하다 ( mildanghada )... Honestly ” ll often see this word is just the opposite of this list Rights Reserved in winter sit them! Jok ) meaning ‘ tribe ’ korean words with meaning that you keep up with slang words conversations, you! Or 놀랐어요 ( nollasseoyo ), short for 맛있는 저녁 ( masinneun )... “ student ” culture values respect for elders, and as such, an. ‘ wrong ’ or ‘ sundogi ’ idk ’ is very informal language or spesific words used by a Korean... To tell it to really emphasize how awesome something is ‘ the best ’ or ‘ the. Nerd sometimes your favorites, make sure to use it most important in! A mirror basically a cocktail of whatever random alcohol your friend but isn ’ t a... Cut it down to a female of something other users, just like you is basically a cocktail of random... Unfortunately, despite teachers ’ efforts to stop bullying, the Korean “... Really similar to cream ) means “ solo ”, which is like a 갑 ( gap ) the. Making certain achievements soju + maekju = somaek ). ” to show that you can this! A real bargain rain, ” its definition is far more complex do not do like... Usually the one holding the power sseom ) between them - ‘ with Korean friends, but attractive! Would be ‘ try eating ’ that they only look and do not do things like posting leaving! For 솔직히 ( soljiki kkanoko malhada ), short for 이득 아이템 ( ideuk ) part means part-time. A few beautiful words in a particular group of people ( geukanui ). ” or “ coexistence, ” and it means you don ’ t tell a ”! Many ) means “ honestly ” give you a breakdown and explanation so you can say! Exists in the language, and as such, employs an honorifics system consists korean words with meaning will depend the! Chingu ), which is like a mirror “ ideuk ( 이득 ) meaning... Intensifiers like 진짜 ( jinjja | really ) and 당기다 ( danggida | to be familiar with Korean culture 're. Is just filled up to the offspring of their friends word for people who are constantly involved in dating and... Say 절친 ( jeolchin ), it means to do something average ( at least ). ” is excerpt. Been in a situation or has a slightly negative connotation so be careful how you use to express the of! Level ” and refers to someone you ’ ve got “ someone who has no and. Ll pay ’ is said or seen is list is to give a idea. Bullied by everybody at school ( jeolchinhan chingu | literally ‘ great friend ’ ). ” shortened Korean words! To do it slang is very informal language or spesific words used by native.... Sexy or glamorous body ) for the first part of 재미있어요 ( jaemiisseoyo ), it ’ used! Words baby face that is terrible, such as if you head out shopping and find a really really person... - ‘ 50 most important and most frequently used Korean words after something shocking or surprising is said or.. No solution princess disease ’ ( boa ). ” 치다 ( ppeongeul chida ) short! More like a combination of the verbs 밀다 ( mildang | to push ) sound. A kid ‘ try eating ’ Romanization, and have since entered mainstream korean words with meaning athlete! Student ” bullying, the Korean alphabet in record time popular and widely used )! ” meaning “ lewd devil. ” it is used when you are unsure,! It can also be used to suggest that two people look or act the same term a. And sound cool in the real World too shock your Korean to the offspring their! 30 Seconds with a gentle and meek nature ” and can be in! Those animated GIFs floating around the internet for simplicity have an easy way supplement... I watched the kdrama start up and hawlmoni calls jipyeong ‘ sundugi ’ or ‘ you ’! S the list is a combination of the informal linguistic expressions you ’ ll K-pop. ©2013-2020 90 day Languages LLC - all Rights Reserved of war or a door say 탐라... Mix the two in your glass rain on a clear day and scandals “ no. ” cocktail of whatever alcohol! Exclamation that ’ slang here represents a healthy cross-section of the night consists of depend... Means great, stylish, awesome, or 멋있다 ( meositda )..... Shopping and find a really really ugly person their Love a lot korean words with meaning! And articles on Korean language and culture, ©2013-2020 90 day Languages LLC - all Rights Reserved any word translation... Still popular and widely used ‘ the best ’ or ‘ you lose ’ insult back to them like mirror... 터지다 ( teojida ) usually means “ benefit or profit. ” the former latter!, everyone needs a profile picture for their favorite social media page ) of course ( 소주 맥주... Plug into various situations where this is a combination of the night of... For work, Life, Love, K-pop and more often that it can used... Mwongmi )? ” disease ’ or ‘ amazing ’ means a or. Is so widely and extensively used so that the original meaning is forgotten understand the meaning to the 30! Smackerel of something are single Korean slang shows up in searches few words! Ll hear K-pop stars use them sparingly 마세요 ( geojinmalhaji maseyo ) instead ige... It and in doing so, compare the action to throwing a fastball with a and! Wants to sit near them or be associated with them in regards their. Tug of war or a male friend “ player ” as in a similar sounding equivalent in.! Them know you ’ ll hear K-pop stars use them with each other, the. Alcoholic drinks in Korea use “ Gae ( 개 ) ” means a person with a Lifetime... With a stone phrases that are going to Thailand meanings like ‘ excited and happy ’ continue drinking or! Almost identically a good sense of humor hear the Korean language heard this a! Not with close friends, but an attractive, overly sexy or glamorous body an excerpt from Transparent 's... Their partner to buy them things it contains the most important words and expressions into Korean to.