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Old Fighter you sure took it on the chin.
Where’d you ever get the strength to stand?
Never giving up to giving in.
You know, I just want to shake your hand.
And say that people like you help people like me go on, go on.
People like you help people like me go on.

Old battler, with a scar from every town,
Thought you were no better than the rest.
You wore your colors every way but down.
All you ever gave was your best.
And you know that people like you help people like me go on, go on.
People like you help people like me go on.

Old Dreamer, with a world in every thought.
Where’d you get the vision to keep on?
You sure gave back as good as what you got.
I hope that when my time is almost gone,
They’ll say that people like me help people like you go on, go on.
Because people like you help people like me go on.

Si Kahn

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Honors & Awards
Named EvaMag's 2008 Woman of the Year
Honerary Award from the Knights of Columbus
Tennessee Bar Associations 1999 Pro Bono Attorney of the Year

"To quote Chief Justice E. Riley Anderson, while speaking at the 20th Anniversary celebration of Rural Legal Services of Tennessee, “The county had a legal aid program before RLST arrived – it was called Dorothy Stulberg, the 1999 Harris Gilbert Pro Bono Attorney of the Year.” Ms. Stulberg was chairman of the board of RLST from 1976 to 1999. She has contributed greatly to her community of Oak Ridge — she established the area’s community action program (and later directed it), and the Neighborhood Youth Corps (and later directed it). She has traveled the gamut of legal representation — assisting many of the county’s most disadvantaged families while handling landmark litigation such as convincing Tennessee high school athletics authorities to end girls half-court basketball. Through her life and practice, she has exemplified how an attorney can use personal and professional skills to the benefit of the community." - Pro Bono Award Winners Announced at the Tennessee Bar Association's 1999 Annual Meeting, by Stephanie D. Smith

Married to Mel Stulberg for over 50 years
Three daughters and four grandchildren
Home town: Fort Dodge, Iowa

Bar Admission
Tennessee, 1974

Iowa State University, B.S.
Purdue University, Curtis Wright Cadette
University of Minnesota, M.S.
University of Tennessee College of Law, J.D.
University of Tennessee, Doctorate in Education, E.D.

Doctoral Dissertation, Doctorate in Education
People Centered Law: Bringing Life Back to Lawyer-Client Relationships through Collaborative Lawyering.

Professional Associations & Memberships
Knoxville Bar Association
Tennessee Bar Association
Rule 31 Listed General Civil/Family Mediator

Prior Activities
Chairperson, Rural Legal Services for 25+ years
Director, Neighborhood Youth Corps
Director, Anderson County Community Action
Chairperson, Anderson County Community Action


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