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Bankruptcy Brochures

1. Answers To Common Questions

2. Your Legal Rights During And After Bankruptcy

3. Advice For Consumers On Credit Card Protections

4. Don't Pay To Borrow Your Own Money

5. Borrower Beware

6. How To Save Money And Avoid Theft

7. Saving Your Home From Foreclosure

8. High-Cost Home Loans: Don't Be A Target

9. What You Should Know About Debt Collection

10. Dealing With Debt Collection Harassment

11. The Truth About Credit Reports & Credit Repair Companies

12. Credit Vs. Debit- Which Should You Use?

13. Using Credit Wisely After Bankruptcy

14. Consumer Concerns for Older Americans- Credit Card Debt & Counseling

15. Consumer Concerns for Older Americans- Understanding Credit Scores

16. Making Home Affordable Program

17. Keep My Tennessee Home

18. Is Refinancing Right For You?

19. How To Stop Predatory Lending

20. How To Keep Your Paycheck From Being Garnished

21. How To Avoid Foreclosure

22. Forgive Us Our Debts- Bankruptcy And The Bible

23. Fallen Behind? Modify Your Mortgage


These brochures are also available in our office lobby free of charge.

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